Start Protecting the Environment in Your Own Backyard with Eviro-Septic

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Can your old septic system remove up to 99 percent of wastewater contaminants before it discharges into your water supply and general environment? If you don’t think so, have Dunham's Contracting (2009) Ltd give you an on-site assessment and free estimate for an innovative and cost-effective Enviro-Septic® system. When you install Enviro-Septic at your home or business, you are gaining a wastewater treatment system that takes up less space and outperforms a conventional leaching system, even on sloping sites. Using components made of recycled plastic that last indefinitely, Enviro-Septic doesn’t need a maintenance contract.

Click here to download the manual of Enviro-Septic® System.

Less Excavation and No Energy Usage for Clean Water

Talk to Dunham’s Contracting about installing a worry-free Enviro-Septic system from Presby Environmental and get the advantages of a system certified as environmentally friendly by NSF International, which include:

  • No electric power, mechanical devices or computer controls
  • No pumps, moving parts
  • Installs easily in smaller and difficult areas
  • Lower purchase and installation costs
  • Shorter installation time with less excavation

High Performance Solutions to Your Wastewater Problems

Replace your failing septic system or begin your new construction with one of the newest innovations in leach field technology from Infiltrator® Systems Inc. Protect your health and improve your water quality with a septic system that uses plastic leach field chambers that replace stone and pipe systems. Easy to install, Infiltrator has septic systems for residential, commercial and heavy traffic properties. Contact Dunham's Contracting (2009) Ltd for complete information and a free estimate. Consider the advantages of Infiltrator over conventional waste management systems including:

  • Easy installation with less heavy equipment
  • Less damage to landscaping
  • Flexible chambers install around obstacles
  • Durable components made from recycled materials
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